•  Measure out how much Soya wax you will need into a saucepan. Your maxi tea light cups hold approx 30g. For larger containers, fill them with water, measure it and then convert it to grams.
  • Soya wax has a low melting point so put it on a low heat on your stove.
  • Now it’s time to get your containers ready. Get your wicks out and straighten then. For your long wicks, measure them against your container and cut off the excess.
  • using a glue gun, adhere your wicks to the bottom of your container – if it is a single wick candle, make sure it is in the centre (very important).
  • once the wax is melted, add your fragrance. I ONLY USE essential oils as artificial fragrances are Neurotoxic! Depending on the scent strength of your essential oil, add between 5-7% (eg Peppermint oil is a lot stronger in fragrance than Lime). Now pour the wax into your container until it is approx 1/3 full. Return wax to the heat and turn down the heat to very low. As your poured wax is hardening, adjust your wicks to check they are straight and centred.
  • when the first pour is completely set ( you can refrigerate them to speed the process), pour in the rest of your molten wax making sure it is not too hot otherwise it will melt your first pour. Again, check and adjust your wicks to make sure they are centred and straight.
  • Let your candles completely set before your light them – usually 12hrs. Don’t burn them near curtains or flammable fabrics. Never leave them unattended or burning overnight. If you want to burn essential oils while sleeping, I suggest you use an electric oil burner or diffuser.

Multi Wick Candles

  • When you have a wide mouth container, it is better to use several wicks to make sure you get a good burn. You can use from 2-4 wicks, evenly space the, at the bottom of your container and follow the same steps as above.
  • you can burn one wick at a time – make sure they are lit in consecutive order. Or, for a real blast of fragrance and light, you can light all of them at the same time. Your containers should either be glass or HDPE plastic.