Essential Oils – Eucalyptus Blue Mallee

Essential Oils – Eucalyptus Blue Mallee


PROPERTIES:  refreshing, uplifting, therapeutic
BLENDS WITH: cedarwood, lime, lemon, cypress


Love Oil brings to you their collection of 100% pure essential oils. They are top quality oils with a rich and full fragrance for use around your home or for yourself. For personal topical application, essential oils should always be blended with good quality vegetable oils or base cream – at 1 – 2.5%. We are bringing out our own range of unscented lotions and balms very soon so keep an eye out for them.  For household use, they can be added to soapy water for washing down surfaces and washing floors. If you like to use your oils in a burner, we do recommend the electric ones as there is no flames involved. We also recommend that you mix your oils with soy wax instead of water. The wax doesn’t burn dry like water and you get more out of your oils. The fragrance can be topped up or changed every 4-5 days and when the wax get messy, it is easy to dispose of.

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