No person has the Authority to waive or vary these conditions.


# All product prices are in Australian dollars and include GST .

# prices do not include freight and shipping . Shipping costs will be calculated  by us when we process your order and freight added to your total if applicable. An  invoice will be sent to you for payment .


# Love Oil Collection uses Fastway couriers and Australia Post.

# all prices that are quoted are in Australian dollars and do include GST.

# to be able to order online as a Wholesaler, you need to lodge an application with Love Oil Collection.

# when your application is approved, you will need to enter a user name and password which will allow you future access to this portal. These details will be only available to you.

# order placed online will be quoted in our regular wholesale prices less any applicable discount. Freight will be calculated by us and an invoice will be sent to you.


# orders abandoned  will automatically be cancelled after 1 hour.

# orders that are incomplete will be held for 7 days only after we have contacted you. We will then cancel them and you will have to re-order on the web site.

# if you want to cancel an order, contact us asap – within 24hrs by email or phone.


# The customer must notify Love Oil Collection in writing (email) or phone, within 24hrs of receipt of goods with any defect or damage to the goods that have occurred in transit. Errors in the processing of the customer order leading to a request for goods exchange or goods return or refund can be done by phone.

# Notification by the customer can be done by phone and authorisation must be obtained prior to return of the goods. They can be sent to loveoilco@bigpond.com or 10 Horace St Shoal Bay NSW 2315

# Exchange, return and/ or refund of  the goods will apply to processing errors and goods damaged in transit to the customer. Please call us for any other issues. All responsibility to maintain the goods is transferred to the recipient after receipt of the goods.

# we do not accept returns because of a ‘change of mind’ in your product selection.


# Customer can enquire for educational material such as MSDS and/ or product information via email to Love Oil Collection-  info@loveoilcollection.com.au

# the use of the product is stated on the label and should be adhered to. Love Oil Collection will not be responsible for any effects from other use of our products.

# Love Oil Collection is the exclusive owner of its products represented on the web site and not available for re-branding, re-labelling  for on-selling.

# all pictures used on this web site are for illustration only and are the property of Love Oil Collection, and the products and their information is honest and true.


# Love Oil Collection maintains individuals privacy and complies with the regulations set down under the National Privacy Act.

# your personal information is collected as part of the ordering procedure. These physical details are held by Love Oil Collection until the order is complete and then destroyed. Within our web site,only your contact details are stored for future use advertising special offers and new products via email.  We do not use your personal information for any other purpose.


#all prices that are quoted are in Australian dollars and do include GST.

# Love Oil Collection uses Fastway couriers and Australia Post.

# our freight calculations are based on weight, dimensions and destination as per Australia Post and Fastway .

# any claims or discrepancies of goods damaged in transit should be reported to Love Oil Collection immediately so we can on-report this to our shipping service.

# if your selected courier service does not go to your destination, Love Oil Collection will contact you by email or telephone to arrange another option.


Love Oil Collection does not carry accounts and payment is required either on order or on receipt of goods. If you do make credit card payment for your order, you will receive a 5% discount.

Love Oil Collection ONLY supplies  PHYSICAL STORES. If you want to sell online or with a carrier service like Ebay or Amazon, you need to apply to us for permission