YaMate 4 Dogs

Every doggie deserves to put their best paw forward but they need you to make the best decisions about what you use to take care of them.

“This range was inspired by my best mate, Roxy so the products are definitely tested on animals—much to her delight!” :Helen, owner of Love Oil.

Your best mate also needs protection from biting, blood-sucking insects so our organic Doggie Shampoo includes our unique blend of bug repelling essential oils and plant extracts.  Leaves our Roxy’s coat shiny and clean without drying out her delicate skin.  Bulk quantities available—price on request; your best mate can be the envy of all his/her friends on the sniff around town.  Our Doggie Deodorant is formulated from a unique combination of the essential oils of Lemon, Vetiver and Spruce to keep your mate smelling as fresh as a daisy!  There are two sizes, each bottled in a convenient pump spray bottle.