Love Oil Collection was founded in 2006 by Helen Love. Having over 35 years hands on experience in the Health, Fitness and Beauty industry, Helen wanted to utilise her years of knowledge and her love for all things natural to bring you a range of boutique products that are effective, are safe to apply to your skin, free from any nasty chemicals and that really work.
Helen is trained in Beauty Therapy, Aromatherapy and Massage & Sports Therapy, having successfully run salons and clinics in Bondi Beach and the Central Coast.

‘I have always had a strong interest and passion for creating preparations that are natural and good for you. Whatever you put on your skin, you should be able to eat. Our bodies can absorb 9 times the amount of chemicals through the skin in comparison to what we consume. That fact alone should make everyone very conscious of what we are putting on our bodies. Recent research by the Reading University in the UK has pinpointed the presence of toxic chemicals in the breast tissue of masecetomy patients including parabens and pesticides. One application of toxic chemicals like DEET can stay in your skin tissue for 2 -3 months – repeated application leads to bioaccumulation and INCREASES THE RISK OF Neurotoxicity and Glandular issues.

The Love Oil Collection has had many years of perfecting their products to achieve a top quality and environmentally sensitive range.

All of the products have been used extensively by volunteer workers at The Hunter Wetlands, Mission Australia in Uganda and hundreds upon hundreds of caravanners, campers, motor home owners, Grey Nomads and travellers throughout Australia, Indonesia, Timor, Africa etc etc.! The whole range is Australian made, packed with exquisite Essential Oils and the finest natural and organic ingredients that can be sourced.

Our products are free from mineral oils, artificial colours and fragrances, camphor, parabens, ethoxylates, aluminium and toxic pesticides, transflurthrin and cyfluthrin. The products are manufactured with love, integrity and pride, and are guaranteed to work.

Helen is continually researching and sourcing better quality ingredients to bring to you preparations that you want. The products are not tested on animals, are Australian owned and made and are priced offering affordable quality. Our containers and labels are also supplied by local Australian companies.

The Love Oil Collection product range includes STIFF SORE & SORRY Sports & Injury Gel and Relief Gel – for any muscular or soft tissue strain or injury as well as muscular tension, stiffness and tightness.

The range of YA MATE natural INSECT REPELLENTS has something to suit every situation. It is made with all organic, natural ingredients and preservatives. It has a unique synergistic blend of essential oils and plant essences to keep you safe from biting and flying insects. It is also effective in soothing bites and stings. All of the products smell great and feel excellent on your skin.