Around Your Home Product Range

It’s always good to not only stop using harsh chemicals on your body but also around your home. Here we have four ranges – our Simply Pure Soap and Simply Pure Washing Powder, Pure Essential Oils and Scented Candles. Our soap is hand made with Lye water, Organic coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil – no artificial colours or fragrances. Our washing powder is our soap dried, and mixed with borax to lift grease and stains without causing any skin irritations.

Our Sweet Fresh Air  Spray, Hand Wash and Essential Oil blend is  anti-viral and anti-bacterial, killing germs and bad odours. A crisp, uplifting combination of Lemon Myrtle and Bergamot oils.

Freshen your home the natural way. Say no to synthetic fragrances and bring in nature with our range of pure essential oils, scented candles and DIY soya wax candle kit. Let them weave their magic in your home and soothe your senses. Not only do natural essential oils make your home feel and smell welcoming but they can also relax, revive, strengthen and  calm – depending on your choice of oil  and its esoteric benefits.