Shingle Spray – new video

2017-10-20T17:25:42+10:00Categories: Making, Video|

Turn that itch and ouch into an ahhhh! After having a bout of Shingles recently I tried some of my preparations to see if I could relieve the discomfort of the rash associated with this complaint. I used my Sweet

Sweet Fresh Air Product Range

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Sweet Fresh Air - kill those bad air borne germs and odours with our refreshing range of Sweet Fresh Air. Comes in a spray and hand wash to keep you and your family feeling and smelling as fresh as

Oatmeal Scrub Ball DIY Video

2017-06-18T16:05:58+10:00Categories: Making, Video|

Is your skin becoming dry and itchy from all of the heating and excess clothes associated with the cooler months? Oats have always been known as a strengthening food, using it in this no mess shower scrub will help


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